AAAS launches project aimed at improving services provided to children with behavioral and social problems

Association Arménienne d’Aide Sociale launches on November 14, 2016 a project aimed at improving the educational and rehabilitation services provided to children with behavioral and social problems.

Within the framework of this project, activities will be carried out in order to facilitate the transformation of the Republican Special educational complex N 1 into Resource and Rehabilitation Center.
Relevant services necessary for the transformation will be put in place complying with the needs and requirements of the target group.
Within the project it is foreseen to strengthen the capacity of pedagogical staff, which will contribute to the improvement of the quality of services provided for children and families. The project will also reinforce the capacities of the multi-professional resource team.
These activities are in line with the “Reforms of special educational institutions” program adopted by the Government and the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia.
Armenian and International experts will be actively involved during the whole duration of the project. The local partner of the project is the French Armenian Development Foundation.
The project is co-funded by Saint Sarkis Charity Trust.