In partnership with OFII                                                                             Co-financed by the EU

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union many Armenians have left Armenia and the former USSR to seek a better life in Europe. However most of them ended up in a more difficult and precarious situation than in the country of their origin.

Since 2005 AAAS has been implementing the “Return to Sources” project in order to assist rejected asylum seekers wishing to go back to Armenia and to facilitate their voluntary return. The project was twice co-financed by the European Refugee Fund (ERF), in 2008 by the French Ministry of Immigration and from 2009-2011 the European Union’s Migration and asylum thematic program. 

This project is implemented in partnership with the OFII, (French National Agency for Immigration and Integration) and our local partner the AF4SD (Armenian Fund for Sustainable Development).
Within the framework of the project, a Voluntary return Center has been opened in Paris. Detailed information on the economic and socio-political environment in Armenia is provided to beneficiaries. The Center prepares their future reintegration in Armenian society by exploring with them possible income generating ventures.
In Armenia, the AF4SD helps eligible beneficiaries to draw up a business plan for setting their micro-business activities.

The AF4SD provides social accompanying, organizes vocational trainings, prepares the feasibility study, assists in the actual launch of the micro-business and ensures the follow-up. 

Currently the beneficiaries of the voluntary return project have the opportunity to benefit from 3 different projects proposed by the OFII: reintegration through social assistance, reintegration through work and reintegration through an enterprise creation.
Since the launch of the program more than 2016 persons took decision to return to Armenia to start a new life.
Within the framework of the program  more than 332 small businesses were  set up  in different areas.