Key Milestones


1890 Establishment of Société de Bienfaisance des Arméniens de Paris.
1923 Registration as a non profit organization under the French law of 1901. NGO
1947 First Retirement home opened in Andilly to care for elderly Armenian refugees.
1953 EHPAD ( retirement home ) in Montmorency is opened
1954 Société de Bienfaisance is renamed Association Arménienne d’Aide Sociale . AAAS
1956 Recognized as a beneficial to the public at large by the French Government
1959 Retirement Home Arménien is opened in Saint Raphael.
1982 Launch of the first Armenian radio station “ASK”  in Paris.
1986 Retirement home  Eglantier is opened in Gonesse.
2004 Armenian Fund for Sustainable Development is founded
2004 up to date More than 350 development projects in Armenia