Development projects

AAAS has been active in Armenia since 1988. The purpose of its actions at the time was mainly humanitarian.

Once the emergency period passed, AAAS realised that its action could not be limited to short-term charitable work.

The organization, therefore, decided to create a permanent structure in Armenia, dedicated to the sustainable development of the country. In 2004, a foundation was registered under Armenian law.

The Armenian Fund for Sustainable Development’s (AF4SD) mission is to assess and implement projects as per the action plan of the AAAS and its partners and development programs established by European and International institutions.

Since it’s establishment , the Foundation has implemeted more than  one hundred projects in cooperation with the European Union, The World Bank of Armenia, Unicef, OFII, the British and Polish Embassies in Armenia.

The Armenian name of the foundation is as follows:
Կայուն զարգացման հայկական հիմնադրամ